CSM Degree Show 2013 Read Text

Formed in 1989, Central Saint Martins College of Arts and Design is considered one of the leading art institutions worldwide. It trains one of the largest courses of its kind in the UK, with around 150 students graduating from BA Graphic Design every year. Since moving to it’s purpose built King’s Cross campus in 2012, the studio has been in charge of designing and coordinating the exhibition infrastructure for the final year exhibition. Organising the show is a complex task from a logistical point of view, given the number of students and time available for installation.

As a result, the key feature created for the event was a modular display unit manufactured from a powder coated steel tube frame and plywood surface. Each unit creates a basic, self-contained space that allows for quick installation, freeing up time and resources for sections that require bespoke solutions. The frames can be used either free-standing or combined in an number of arrangements of varying complexity

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