CSM Degree Show 2015 Read Text

Central Saint Martins College of Arts and Design is considered one of the leading art institutions worldwide. It trains one of the largest Graphic Design courses of its kind in the UK, with around 150 students graduating from BA Graphic Design every year. Since moving to it’s purpose built King’s Cross campus in 2012, our studio has been in charge of designing the exhibition design and the curation for the final year exhibition.

For 2015, we decided along with the students to curate the show in a radically different way. Trying to come out with a curatorial concept that would reflect the students’ common interests and concerns regardless of which pathway they belonged too. After a series of public surveys, the students’ work was organized around loose themes. Each theme was codified by a set of keywords, that referenced traditional archival practices as well as social media ‘tagging’ systems. Graphic Design: Hudson Shively and Elif Tanman

Central Saint Martins College