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Historic England is the public body that looks after England’s historic environment. Protecting historic places, helping people understanding them, and ultimately encouraging public discussion on the subject of historical heritage.

London’s historic buildings are as much a part of the city’s DNA as the people who live and work in them. I am London is a celebration of the capital’s unique and complex identity. Londoners, both famous and anonymous, have been photographed at a historic building or place that’s special to them.

The core of the exhibition comprises of a series of photographic portraits and artefacts, displayed in a timber structure finished in red wax, designed by Morales Finch. The typeface used throught the exhibition and the publication was Clarendon, a slab-serif typeface originally designed by Robert Besley in 1845 for the Thorowgood and Besley of London foundry. Upon dicovering that Basley became Sheriff of the City of London in 1863 and then Lord Mayor of London in 1869, the choice seemed even more appropiate.

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