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Initiated in 2015, MArch is the architectural masters programme at Central Saint Martins. The course sees architecture as fundamentally political, and offers a clear point of departure from which to engage with the urgent and critical issues of our times. By considering the architect’s role as politically active, and not purely that of a service provider, it encourages students to become live agents in the field of spatial practices. Practitioners are not only concerned with the formal aspects of architecture but also the social, political, economic and environmental forces which shape it.

The anthropomorphic logo – consisting of the course initials vertically stacked – prioritises the human aspect of architecture and suggests the progression of building and construction. When used within the logotype, this non-linear solution also helps give clarity to the unusual syntax of the course name. A simple modular system is central to the wider identity, alternating between horizontal and vertical typesetting as a way of defining information hierarchy.

Another key aspect of communication within the course is the Codex. This conceptual diagram delineates the programme’s teaching structure and provides a general timeline for the entire 2 years.

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